The Arsenal: News Writing with Leo Laparan II

        On September 2, the Therapeutic Currents (TC) hosted a writing workshop facilitatedby sir Leo Laparan II in the San Martin De Porres Building, 6th Floor Human Occupational Sciences (HOcSci) Lab which was attended by nine students from various programs to enhance their writing skills. Continue reading “The Arsenal: News Writing with Leo Laparan II”


Distant Circles

Every day, opportunities surround us. There are so many of them out there that all we have to do is reach out and grab them, not hungrily, not greedily, but excitedly, ambitiously. We see ourselves in a small circle where we think we can’t step out of, where we think we can’t move out of. We stay and live there, and that is what we continuously call life as we go on with viewing the world in black and white. Yet the distance among different countries has become amazingly short with the use of airplanes and technology. The opportunities have become endless, and the destinations have become abundant, exotic even. Different lands with different cultures have shown us just how different each of us are, and these make us think about the destinations which have made us shudder with exhilaration and ecstasy. These various lands can act as places wherein we can build up on our experience by meeting people who are different than us, yet akin to us in so many ways. The distance has become shorter and shorter, and the new people we meet every day pile up, creating memories similar to that of Mr. Frederickson and his wife’s scrapbook from the Disney movie “Up.” It would be full of photographs and letters that will fill us with memories that act as though they’ve been placed carefully in a trunk that has accumulated dust after having not been thought of for so long. But when we remember them, it takes us back to those places as though we were still there, as though we were still living them, and the dust that was once on it is wiped clean with the slate of a memory, and falls like leaves in autumn to the ground.

Such is the case of Hayley Smith.

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Taking the Leap Against Rubella: One Shot Can Change a Life

January 23, 2016 – Preventing Rubella is not as hard as you think it is, and the Speech-Language Pathology Society is spreading why.

The Department of SLP held its latest installment in spreading awareness against Rubella last January 23, 2016 at the Education Auditorum in the Albertus Magnus Building. The SLP students and students from other courses of the College of Rehabilitation Sciences took their chance in absorbing the information.

Aga Salvador was the host of the event, calling on Rosemary Miclat, the auditor of the SLP Society, to open the program with a meaningful prayer. Ma. Georgina D. Mojica, MHPEd, CSP-PASP, the Department Chair of SLP, took to the stage to officially start the program. “There are consequences of Rubella that may be preventable,” she said during the opening remarks.

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The Gummies: Season 2

The Rotaract Club of the University of Santo Tomas: College of Rehabilitation Sciences Unit officially opened the Gummies Awards once again to the CRS community.

“The Gummies Season 2 is now officially open! All members of the College of Rehabilitation Sciences (students, teachers, and non-teaching staff) are eligible to nominate and be nominated for their respective categories.

Now is the time to recognize the members of the CRS community that strive every day and work their hardest to push forth their passions and aspirations! It’s time to showcase the individuals in our community who go above and beyond the call of duty, always doing their best for the betterment of themselves and others. Does anyone in particular come to mind? Whom do you think deserves to be awarded for their selfless endeavors?

The power to nominate lies in your hands! Let us know who deserves to be the nominees for this year’s Gummies and bring a smile to someone’s face. Your voice might be the only chance for that person’s recognition!”

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Feeling Spellbound

​The organizations of the College of Rehabilitation Sciences had their own Diagon Alley last October 28, 2015, the One Day Fair; but instead of purchasing enchanted ornaments and oddities from Ollivander’s and Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, we got wet and covered with colored powder with our friends and significant others.

The One Day Fair was a time for all of us to enjoy and acknowledge each other’s talents and skills. May these talents be either having a mean throw at water balloon fights or showing off your strength at tug-of-war, we can all agree that CRS isn’t all books and lectures. Thanks to this fair, we were truly able to really enjoy ourselves after a hard day’s work.

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RSAA 2015: Unexpected Talents

OCTOBER 28, 2015 –  The 2015 Rehabilitation Sciences Ambassador and Ambassadress (RSAA) Talents’ Night was held at the Medicine Auditorium in line with the activities for CRS College Week.

The said event lasted from 7 PM to 10 PM with 20 candidates from the four college courses of each year level, who showcased their talent either by pair or individual. The program started with a dance performance of the candidates to the tune of “Summer Thing!”

Cheers and applauses echoed in the auditorium as soon as the candidates began to introduce themselves for the first time while wearing their uniforms. Fans also stormed the social media through Twitter where they expressed their support for their chosen candidates.

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Zumba: The College of the Ripped and Sexy

OCTOBER 28, 2015- CRS, the College of Ripped and Sexy, flaunted their dance moves as students danced to a Zumba session.

It has been a tradition for the College of Rehabilitation Sciences (CRS) to have an aerobic/zumba dance session on the second day celebration of the college week where everyone takes a break from the early morning worry of books, quizzes, and assignments; in turn, it releases those pressures and worries through a healthy exercise which includes upbeat music with fast and slow rhythms.

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One Day Fair: A Hardy Mix of Fun, Loud, and Responsible

OCTOBER 28, 2015 – The College of Rehabilitation Sciences (CRS) students finally took a much needed break and got the chance to relax and let loose during the One Day Fair.

The annual One Day Fair took place at the practice gym in front of the Albertus Magnus building at around 1 pm, which happened on the second day of CRS week. Not ones to separate work from play, it was still business as usual as the one day fair was highlighted by the showcasing and advertising of some of the organizations of CRS.

On display and surrounding the practice gym were the booths of these organizations, designed and advocated by their very own executive boards and members. All recognized CRS student organizations participated in the event.

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